Archive | October 26, 2009


An artisan (from Italian: artigiano) is a skilled manual worker who crafts items that may be functional or strictly decorative, including furniture, clothing, jewelry, household items, and tools. Artisan is also used to describe the producer of hand-crafted foods that require an advanced level of knowledge and skill.

At Farmers & Artisans, we use artisan as an adjective suggestive of handmade goods and old-fashioned craftsmanship. A term bestowed upon the products of the cheesemaker, breadbaker, sausagemaker, etc., who labors in his or her craft, independent of the pressures of industrial food, to produce high quality, small-batch edibles.

Some of our artisan products are also farmstead, meaning these foodstuffs, usually cheeses, are made on-site at the very farm where the dairy animals are kept and milked (or, in the case of other farmstead goods, where the pertinent crops are grown).