SustainabilityCollectively, we are catching on to the fact that upholding a healthier planet means a more pro-active approach in our everyday life . With that said, sustainability simply means the ability to live with minimal negative effects on the environment. With green awareness and technology increasing each year, people are changing their everyday routines…all the while continuing to function in today’s busy society.

Although we all want to do our part, there are understandably economic and social obstacles. We all don’t have extra funds for solar panels or the time to build a bicycle powered washing machine. But surprisingly, there are small everyday decisions we can make to help attain a more sustainable lifestyle. Things like riding a bicycle or taking public transportation, supporting local businesses, and recycling are easily attainable. Other things that may come with time and repetition include skipping a meal of meat each week, conserving and utilizing gray water, and converting to wind-generated electricity.

Here at Farmers and Artisans we are doing our part as much as we can. We are locally owned and operated, providing you with WNY’s artisan and farmstead products. We are using organic ingredients whenever possible, energy efficient light bulbs, biodegradable cleaning products, compostable cups and silverware, and our recycle bin fills up faster than our trash. With hopes to compost in the future, and with more of our customers bringing in re-usable shopping bags on a regular basis, we know our sustainability will increase as our business progresses.