Archive | January 2011

Egg and Milk Shares

Milk and egg shares have become very popular. Quite a few customers have been asking when the next round of shares will begin. The current share will be completed the week ending January 29 and the next installment will begin the following week, January 31.

The share choices include our farm fresh brown eggs from free-to-roam pastured hens that have not been treated with either hormones or antibiotics. We get comments on a daily basis on how much better our eggs taste than the eggs from the supermarket.

Our milk comes from a herd of 100% Jersey cows that again are out on lush pasture and not treated with any hormones or antibiotics. On many occasions, parents have taken some home for their kids to try and now their children don’t want any other milk. Plenty of adults are enjoying it too.

The shares are a win-win for everyone as they allow us to plan with the farmers how much to produce and we are able to pass along savings to our patrons.

All shares last 13 weeks and pickups begin the week of January 31. You can select a convenient pickup day and your shares will be ready for you.

Click here to download the Share Order Form. Print, complete the form and drop it off  with your payment at the store. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help. Stop by or give us a call.