Mast Brothers Chocolate

I read about Mast Brothers Chocolate in the NY Times and made a point to visit their shop in Brooklyn while on a trip to NYC in the fall of 2009. As I walked in the door, the wonderful rich smell of chocolate was amazing. The wall of old wooden shelves behind the counter was filled with row after row of beautifully wrapped chocolate bars. Rick and Michael Mast were sitting around a big wooden square table with friends and family hand-wrapping each bar. It was a joy to see the care they were putting into their craft.

After returning home we decided to contact them about carrying their chocolate at Farmers & Artisans and became one of the first outlets outside the metro NY area to carry Mast Brothers Chocolate. As we say…from Williamsburg to Williamsville.


Rick and Michael Mast make chocolate in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. They are one of a half dozen bean to bar craft chocolate makers. Their chocolate is really good.

Unlike the industrial chocolates of which we may be familiar, this chocolate is made by hand, using traditional techniques and equipment. They make a few hundred bars a day. This is chocolate stripped down to it’s bare essentials. They don’t add vanilla, additional butters or oils, or use any emulsifiers. This allows you to taste the chocolate. You can taste the difference between a chocolate from Madagascar and the Dominican Republic.

Flavors We Carry

The Brooklyn Blend

We have brought all of our favorite beans from around the world and created our first house blend, dark chocolate recipe. Chocolatey with hints of plum, tobacco and earth (74% cacao).

Cocoa Nibs

Go from bean to bar in one bite. Cocoa nibs are roasted, chopped and winnowed cocoa beans. A favorite amongst craft chocolate makers. Beautiful texture, authentically pure cacao.

Fleur de Sel

The original salted chocolate, this has become a New York classic. Our sea salt is hand harvested by the Guerande paludiers in the traditional method. This finishing salt melts in your mouth whilst putting a magnifying glass over the already complex berry forward cacao.

Almonds & Sea Salt

Biodynamic almonds from the Anderson family farm in central California headline this instant classic. The almonds are roasted in olive oil and sea salt, roughly chopped and distributed over single origin Dominican Republic dark chocolate.


Classic Italian pairing, made with the best hazelnuts in the world grown by our friends Barb and Fritz at Freddy Guys Filbert Farm in the Willesette Valley. Hazelnuts are roasted in-house and paired with our Venezuelan dark chocolate.

Stumptown Coffee

The brainchild of Mast Brothers and the roasters at Stumptown Coffee, these coffees are roasted fresh for us and are a part of Stumptown’s Direct Trade program. Beans are roughly chopped and sprinkled on the dark chocolate.

Serrano Peppers

Super spicy dried Serrano peppers paired with our single origin Dominican Republic dark chocolate. Hot and spicy, with chocolatey notes of tobacco, cherries and earth.