This Week’s Seafood Order: Mussels – Narragansett, RI

ImageProxyThese mussels are a big hit!  They are fished from the cool waters of New England and
brought straight in to the docks in Narragansett, RI. They average 2 1/2 inches in size
and are full of meat, a 16/20 count per pound approximately.

The mussels have been cleaned, so they are “restaurant-ready”. Just give them a quick rinse and throw them right in the pan.

For best shelf life, keep the mussels refrigerated and covered in ice or a damp towel while allowing them to drain at all times.

Mussels – $9.25 per pound – (16-20 ct)

Orders will be taken through Thursday morning 11 am this week, and will be here for you to pick up on Friday after 11 am.

Try this recipe… Mussels in Beer Broth


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