Egg & Milk Share Sign Up: October to January 2015

milk and eggsIt’s time for the new fall/winter Egg and Milk Shares! By prepaying for 13 weeks, you receive a discount on your egg and milk purchases. The current share will be completed this week ending Oct 26, and the next installment will begin the week of Oct 27, with the first pick up starting on Wednesday, October 29.

Why get your eggs and milk from Farmers & Artisans? Our farm fresh brown eggs, sold by the dozen or half dozen, come from free-to-roam pastured hens that have not been treated with either hormones or antibiotics. Their feed is non-GMO.

The milk, in gallons and half gallons, and now quarts, comes from a herd of Jersey cows that again are pastured and not treated with any hormones or antibiotics. The whole milk is low-temp pasteurized and non-homogenized, preserving nutrition that is lost with ultra-pasteurization and homogenization. Note: the low-fat milk will continue to be homogenized.

All shares last 13 weeks. Pick-ups begin the week of Oct 27, and end January 25, 2015. The milk and eggs are delivered to the store late Wednesday mornings. You can select a convenient pick-up day and your shares will be ready for you.

Click here to print the order form. Complete the form and drop it off with your payment at the store. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help. Stop by or give us a call.

Because of increased credit card costs, we ask that you pay for your share using cash or check, if possible.


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