This Week’s Seafood Order: Speckled Trout – NC (through Nov. 13)

speckledtroutThis week’s speckled trout is fished off of Beaufort, NC.  Interesting fact from Sea to Table… “Currently, the water temperatures in the Beaufort area are about 67 degrees. Once there’s at least a month of solid cold weather, the fish will start to get lethargic. As it was explained to me, the trout go into a near hibernation state, akin to frogs. What happens with the trout though, is that they will float upside down in the water, like they’re dead. “In the old days” folks would go down to the river and just scoop them up, which really hurt their numbers. Now when the weather gets that cold, it is illegal to catch trout. In sum, trout will be around until they start pretending to be dead.”

The fillets will be around a .75-1# average. It’s a nice white, mild meat with a fine but firm flake.

Speckled Trout – $21.75/lb (.75 – 1 lb. fillets)

Here is a recipe:
How to Cook Baked Speckled Trout

Stop in, call us, or email at

Orders will be taken through Thursday morning 11 am this week, and will be here for you to pick up on Friday after 11 am.


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