This Week’s Picks & Pairings: 10% Off Brothers of Mercy Olive Oil & Seneca Culinary Salts (Feb. 21 through Feb. 27)

bomThis week’s Picks & Pairings include Brothers of Mercy Olive Oil. This 100% extra virgin olive oil is certified by the California Olive Oil Council. It is made with the freshest olives – crushed within 90 minutes of harvest- natural and unrefined. West Coast Products Distributes the Olinda Brand California Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We are happy to support Brothers of Mercy. The work at the Brothers of Mercy campus in Clarence has been continually recognized for their excellence in nursing and rehabilitative care.


slsWe are also offering 10% off Seneca Salt Company Culinary Flake Salts.  Seneca Salt is found in salt veins 500 to 2,800 feet below the surface of Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes region. The lake water produces a brine within the salt vein. The brine then goes through an evaporation process producing the culinary flake salt. Delicious for cooking, baking or as a finishing salt.  The organic rosemary flavor is delicious on potatoes, meats, fish or in dipping oils. This salt has a very clean and pure taste. It does not contain minerals like sea salts, and it is not iodized.


produce boxTry the olive oil and salts with roasted root vegetables. We are taking orders for a February produce box;  Click here for more info!

Here is a great recipe from Plymouth Farmers’ Market:
Roasted Winter Root Vegetables from Plymouth Farmers’ Market

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