This Week’s Picks & Pairings

10% Off our BAO Kombucha & Hawthorne Valley Farm Lacto-fermented Vegetables
(Sunday, April 19 through Friday, April 24)

kombuchaThis week, our Picks & Pairings features our fermented foods offerings. Fermentation is one of the oldest forms of food preservation. These foods are rich in live bacteria and help maintain the balance of microorganisms in our digestive systems. This is turn aids our immune system, metabolism, and GI tract. Our modern diets lack this food category. Kombucha tea is a fermented drink, and an easy way to add this important food group to our diets. This week, enjoy 10% off BAO Kombucha. It is tart and flavorful with no sugar added. Certified organic, non GMO and no preservatives. Available in a variety of flavors too.  Give it a try!

We are also offering 10% off Hawthorne Valley Farm lacto-fermented vegetables. This certified organic farm is a 400 acre Biodynamic Farm in Columbia County, NY.  Biodynamic farming means they are creating and maintaining  a living “farm organism” that strikes a balance between the land, plants and animals. These ecological practices, including composting, encourage healthy soils and healthy animals.

fermented vegetablesWhat does lacto-fermation mean? From Hawthorne Valley Farm, ” “Lacto” refers to “lactobacillus” bacteria, a family of bacteria that are also present in milk, and are widely believed to be beneficial to our digestive and immune systems. Our products, if unheated, contain significant amounts of vitamin C, digestive enzymes, and lactobacillus bacteria. These bacteria are similar to the ones found in “probiotic” supplements.”

Try their organic raw Sauerkraut, Ginger Carrots, Ruby Sauerkraut and Kim Chee (a Korean dish of vegetables and spices).  Enjoy them as a side, condiment, or right out of the jar!

A mouthful of information this week, but give these products a try.

Your GI system will thank you!


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