Order your T-Meadow Farm Pastured Pork! (order by May 8)

pigWe just bought a whole pig from T-Meadow Farms in Newfane, Niagara County. Rich Tilyou and his family, raise Tamworth cross heritage breeds. The pigs are pastured using rotational grazing and are not supplemented with hormones or antibiotics.

According to Rich, “The meat is typically a little darker than commercial pork. It also has more texture, and more flavor.”

Below is a list of cuts available and pricing. Cuts will be sold by pre-order, first come – first serve. Stop in, call in or email your order to info@farmersandartisans.com. Order deadline is Thursday, May 7.

Pick up date is Friday, May 8, from 9am to 7pm. Payment is due at pick up. Please make arrangements to pick up on May 8. Cuts are limited, so order soon!

Bacon  1 lb package $11.00/lb
Center Cut
Pork Chops
 approx .5lb  $8.50/lb
Smoked Ham  approx 3.5 lb  $7.95/lb
Boston Butts  approx. 2.5-3lb.  $7.95/lb
Center Cut
 approx(.6 – 1lb)
Spare Rib  approx. 3.5 lb  $7.95/lb
 approx. 1 lb  $7.95/lb
Leaf Lard  approx. 1 lb  $6.00/lb
Tenderloin  approx  .8 lb $13.95/lb
Polish Sausage  approx 1 lb  $7.95/lb
Sweet Italian
 approx 1 lb  $7.95/lb
Hot Italian
 approx 1 lb  $7.95/lb
Country Ribs
 approx. 1.5-1.7 lb
Smoked Hocks approx.1 lb  $7.95/lb

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