This Week’s Picks & Pairings: 10% Off Ommegang Beer and Harpersfield Ommegang Cheese (Saturday, May 2 through Friday, May 8)

aleThis week, our Picks & Pairings features a cheese and beer combo.

Award winning Ommegang Brewery is nestled in the hills just south of Cooperstown, NY. Back in the 1800’s, Cooperstown was a leader in hops production in the US. The brewery was built in 1997 on an old hops farm. It’s a great brewery to visit along with the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Enjoy 10% off all Ommegang beers this week. Give the Abbey Ale, Cooperstown Ale, or the Game of Thrones favorites a try!

ommegangWe are also offering 10% off Harpersfield Tilsit Ommegang Abbey Ale brined cheese. Produced in the Catskills area, this semi-hard Tilsit is made with cow’s milk from Brovetto Dairy’s herd of Holsteins, and aged 4 – 7 months. These animals graze on pasture, and the milk is produced without artificial growth hormones. The European style cheese is mild yet tangy.

Enjoy the sunshine and some downtime this week with Ommegang Beer and a great cheese!


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