This Week’s Picks & Pairings: 10% Off Linwood Soy Candles, Ithaca Soaps and Humble House Gardens Lotions (Thursday, May 7 through Sunday, May 10)

candleThis week, our Picks & Pairings features great gifts for moms, aunts and grandmothers!  Linwood Candle Co. soy candles are hand poured in glass mason jars here in Buffalo. These small batch and phthalate free candles are made with U.S. grown soy wax and cotton core wicks. A variety of fragrances are available that use premium grade essential oils. All of this equals a slow, clean burn.


Ithaca Soap Organic Liquid Soap is a gentle, skin conditioning formula. It is very lathery, clean rinsing, and gentle. A mild organic coconut oil castile style liquid soap that is so versatile. Excellent as a body wash, including hands and face. Lathers up great for a bubble bath too. Also great for hand washing dishes, laundry and house cleaning.


humble houseHumble House Gardens is a small goat farm located in the northern part of Niagara County. Owner, Cindy Chapman, uses the goat’s milk to create a line of skin care products including soaps and lotions. The homemade, small batch lotions are made with all natural ingredients. Goat’s milk is a natural emollient and is great for sensitive skin. Perfect for home, car or office, and it makes a great gift for Mother’s Day!


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