This Week’s Seafood Order: Atlantic Pollock – Cape Cod (order by May 14)

cape cod

Since we couldn’t get pollock last week due to fishing restrictions, we thought we would offer it again this week! It is so versatile.

On the dock this week is Atlantic Pollock from Cape Cod. According to our Sea to Table connections, “Pollock is a highly sustainable species from New England. Our pollock comes from our Cape Cod dock. While cod quota has been cut yet again due to poor numbers in the Gulf of Maine, Atlantic pollock is thriving and is not overfished or experiencing overfishing. Eating pollock is a great way to support New England fishermen by eating what they are able to catch in abundant numbers. Atlantic Pollock is not to be confused with Pacific pollock, a different species. Atlantic Pollock is a close cousin of cod, and cooks up white with a large, moist flake and a light, delicate, sweet flavor.”

Atlantic Pollock – $16.90 /lb.
Fillet cuts are approx. 1 lb.

Call or email your order to by Thursday 11am, and the freshly caught fish will be available to pick up this Friday from 11am to 7pm.

Check out this NY Times article by Mark Bittman:
Broiled, Sauteed, Roasted, Poached


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