This Week’s Picks & Pairings: 10% Off our Chef Prepared Frozen Entrees (Saturday, May 30 through Friday, June 5)

freezer sectionThis week, our Picks & Pairings features 10% off our chef prepared frozen dinner entrees. Our chefs have created a new line of delicious meals made with our pastured meats and local vegetables. So easy as a healthy, simple dinner option. Just warm them up in the oven or microwave. You’ll have to check out other great goodies in our prepared foods freezer including Lake Effect Ice Cream, Betty Crockski pierogies, quiche, apple crisp, pies, frozen cookies, biscuits and more. Our own line of frozen pizzas coming soon!

10% off this Week
Chicken & Biscuits
Shepherd’s Pie
Polish Sausage with Parsnip Puree
Spicy Vegetable Curry & Quinoa
Chicken Burritos


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