This Week’s Seafood Order: Bluefish – Montauk, NY (order by Thursday, Sept. 24)


This week we are offering fresh caught bluefish from Montauk, NY.  From Sea to Table, ” Bluefish are a sustainable choice as they are not overfished or experiencing overfishing. The majority of bluefish are caught using rod-and-reel gear. At this time of year, we are still seeing bluefish from our Montauk, NY dock, but the landings will start to drop off as we get farther into fall as the fish move south to warmer waters. It’s definitely a great time of year to enjoy this species while it lasts. have a blue-gray meat that becomes lighter when cooked. A strong-flavored, dark strip of meat on the fillet can be removed before cooking if desired though some prefer to enjoy this bold flavor. Bluefish has a full, rich flavor and coarse, moist meat and edible skin.”

Bluefish – $15.90 per pound – (approx. 1 lb. fillets)  

Try this! – Baked Bluefish

Call or email to your order by Thursday 11am, and pick up this Friday from 11am to 7pm.


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