Mixed Meat Box Order!‏ (order by Feb. 10)

February Mixed Meat Box

plato daleWe have finally put together a February mixed meat box filled with local beef, chicken, pork and turkey. The certified grass fed Jersey beef is raised at Plato Dale Farm in Arcade. Also chicken from Plato Dale, pasture raised with no additives, antibiotics or pesticides, just wholesome organic grains.

t meadowThe pork is from T- Meadow Farm in Newfane – pastured heritage pigs, no hormones or antibiotics. We have also included Oink & Gobble sausage from the Finger Lakes- pastured raised pigs without hormones, antibiotics or pesticides!

piggeryThe Piggery Sliced Deli Ham is  made with pastured pork, water, sea salt and celery powder. It is sliced and packaged in a convenient 6 oz quantity. We’ve included The Piggery deli style Smoked Turkey as well. Raised at Bluebird Dream Farm in Trumansburg, NY, using non-GMO local grains and pasture. Ingredients are turkey, water and sea salt.  That’s it. Great for easy sandwiches.

Ground turkey is from Stonewood Farm in Vermont – no hormones or antibiotics. Found this from REALSIMPLE – 10 Easy Recipes for Ground Turkey.

It’s a great selection for winter soups and stews, school lunches, delicious winter breakfasts and dinners!

Mixed Meat Box – $125

Ground Beef – 2 lb.
Beef Patties  (4 pack) – 1 lb.
Stew Beef – 1 lb.
London Broil – 2.5 lb.
Half Chicken – approx.  3 lb.
Bacon – 1 lb.
Sausage – 1 lb.
Breakfast Sausage – .8 lb.
Pork Chops – 1.1 lb. approx.
Piggery Sliced Ham – 6 oz.
Piggery Sliced Turkey – 6 oz.
Ground Turkey – 1 lb.

Order deadline:  Wednesday, February 10. Call us (633-2830), email (info@farmersandartisans.com), or stop in to place your order. Please no substitutions.

Pick up date: Thursday, February 11 or Friday, February 12. Payment is due at pick up. Please make arrangements to pick up those days as we are limited by freezer space. Thank you!


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