Order Your February Produce Box!‏ (order by Feb. 24)

produce boxFebruary Produce Box

Delicious produce is still available this February! We have put together another produce box for this month. Great for roasted dinners and soups, plus a few fresh crispy items.

Price:  $30.00

Here is what it includes:

4 lb. Organic Carrots
White & Red Onions
4 lb. Organic Root Vegetable Medley
Watermelon Radishes
Red Cabbage
Hydroponic Cucumber
Organic Garlic
3 lb. Empire Apples
1 lb. Transitional Organic Hamlin Oranges

Try these!

Roasted Winter Vegetables

Carrot Ginger Soup

Radish, Apple and Onion Salad

Order by phone (633-2830), email info@farmersandartisans.com, or stop in to place your order.

Order by: Wednesday, February 24

Pick up date: Friday, February 26 or Saturday, February 27


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