Organic Grapefruit and Valencia Orange Orders from Thorpe’s Farm! (order by March 9)


thorpe farm

From Thorpe’s Farm

More delicious citrus available from Thorpe’s farm in Lake Wales, FL. We are excited to offer their certified organic red seedless grapefruits and transitional organic Valencia oranges. Valencias are full of flavor, deep orange and sweet!  Great for juicing or wedging. The grove was purchased two years ago and was previously farmed conventionally. Transitional organics means that organic farming practices are being followed, but the grove is not yet certified. No herbicides, pesticides, genetically modified organisms, or synthetic fertilizers have been applied this season.

The fruit will be freshly picked, shipped to Buffalo, and available to pick up at Farmers & Artisans on Thursday, March 10 and Friday, March 11.

thorpe farm 2

From Thorpe’s Farm


10# bag certified organic red seedless grapefruits – $17.00

10# bag transitional organic Valencia oranges – $15.00

Call us at 633-2830 or stop in to order. You can also email your order to

Please place your orders by Wednesday, March 9.


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