NEW Lunch Menu & This Week’s Featured Item: 10% Off Karma Sauces and NEW Salsas!?

menuCheck out our new lunch menu.
We’ve add our version of a Reuben – Country Corned Beef Sandwich and a Chef’s Choice Vegetarian Burger!

Click the link for the menu:
Spring 2016 Lunch Menu

This Week’s Featured Item: 10% Off Karma Sauces & Salsas
(Monday, May 9 through Sunday, May 15)

karmasauceThis week we are offering 10% off Karma Sauce artisan sauces and NEW salsas! Karma Sauces are robust, flavorful and healthy! Made in small batches, Karma hot Sauces are produced in Pittsford, NY outside of Rochester. We offer a variety of award winning flavors: Good Karma, Bad Karma and Curry Karma, and Cherry Bomb. Karma Sauces are gluten free and all natural.

Try these three NEW award winning salsas made with estate grown and locally grown ingredients!

rosieRosie Chipotle Salsa – This salsa is warm, round and smokey. Homegrown heirloom chiles and tomatoes blended with NY onions, chipotle, lime and spices and whipped into a fiesta of flavor.

jauneJaune Flamme Salsa – Jaune Flamme is a fantastic sweet-tart orange French heirloom tomato. A great everyday salsa!

tommyTommy Tomatillo
– Fiery Food Challenge Winner! This seasonal salsa is made with 100% estate grown heirloom chiles, tomatillos and tomatoes. Zesty!

Stop by this week and stock up on these flavorful, all natural award winning sauces and salsas!


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