This Week’s Seafood Order: Wahoo – Beaufort, NC (order by Oct. 20)

wahooOn the dock this week – fresh, wild caught wahoo from Beaufort, NC. From our connection at Sea to Table, “Most wahoo in the U. S. are landed in Hawaii, where the fish is called “ono,” meaning “delicious.” Wahoo are an abundant, sustainable option, and the fish landed in Beaufort, NC are all hook-and-line caught. They are one of the fastest fish in the sea, and they have a natural camouflage of dark and light blue stripes to mimic light dispersing in the water, making them tricky to spot, but they are well-worth persuing! Wahoo is a mild, sweet-tasting fish with a firm texture, moderate oil content, and large, circular flakes. Its flesh is a beautiful pinkish white color and turns snow-white when cooked.”

Substitute Wahoo for Mahi Mahi in this Rachel Ray fish taco recipe.
(We have beautiful red cabbage this week from Hurtgam Farm!)


Rachel Ray


Wahoo – skin on fillets
$22.99  per pound (approx. 1 lb. pieces)  

Place your order by Thursday 11 am and pick up this Friday from 11 am to 7 pm. Call 633-2830 or email:


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