This Week’s Featured Item: Winter Squash Sale (Monday, October 31 through Sunday, November 6)

 Beautiful, flavorful winter squash on sale this week for only $.79/lb. 


Acorn – mild, sweet and nutty

Ambercup – sweet and mild, great texture and color

Buttercup – vibrant orange flesh, sweet

Butternut – sweetest variety of winter squash, very versatile for roasting and soups

Carnival – nutty, buttery and sweet

Delicata – aka Sweet Potato Squash, edible skin and great for stuffing

Hubbard – rich, sweet pumpkin flavor.  Great for cooking or baking

Spaghetti Squash – classic pasta alternative, scrap flesh out with fork

Winter Squash Recipes and 4 Ways to Cook Them

Stop by and stock up!

Squash deteriorate rapidly if stored at temperatures below 50°F. The best storage temperature is a cool and dry location between 50 and 55°F.


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