New Year’s Seafood Orders: Scallops – New Bedford, MA & White Tail Shrimp – Florida Gulf Coast (order by Dec. 29)

scallopsWe are taking orders for scallops and shrimp for the New Year’s weekend! Back to our favorite fresh caught scallops from New Bedford, MA. The scallops are dry-packed and completely natural – not soaked or treated.

Day Boat Scallops  – $26.90 / lb.

shrimpFlorida White Shrimp We are also offering frozen Florida White Shrimp. White shrimp are prized for their sweet, tender meat and easy-to-peel shells. Because they are so fragile, the shrimp are processed quickly and individually quick frozen (IQF). They are packed in one pound packages.

Florida White Shrimp – $19.90/lb. frozen
(sold in 1 lb. bags)

Place your order for scallops and shrimp by Thursday, December 29, for pick up Friday, December 30 after 11 am.

Call us at 633-2830, email at, or stop by to place your order!


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