Seafood Order: Vermillion Snapper from Beaufort, NC

This Week’s Seafood Order:
Vermillion Snapper from Beaufort, NC

This week’s fresh catch is Vermillion Snapper. From Sea to Table, “Vermillion Snapper, also known as a beeliner, is caught off of the U. S. coast from NC and around the Florida panhandle to Texas. Similar in appearance to their cousin the Red Snapper, Vermillion Snapper are a smaller fish with lean flesh, a mild, sweet flavor, and a medium-firm texture. They are most abundant in shallow water where they live near the seafloor, near the edge of continental shelves. Hook-and-line gear are primarily used to catch this species closer to shore. Any recipe that you’d use for Red Snapper can also be used for Vermillion snapper.”

Price: $25.90/ lb. (skin-on filets, approximately 1 lb.)

Snapper is a low-calorie, lean source of protein that is rich in selenium, vitamin A, potassium and omega-3 fatty acids.

recipeTry this simple and easy recipe to get dinner on the table quick, pair with a fresh green salad for a balanced, healthy meal. Try the fresh spinach from Root Down Farm in Clarence! Crispy Snapper from Taste of Home

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Orders will be taken through Thursday morning 11 am this week, and will be here for you to pick up on Friday after 11 am.


This Week’s Seafood Order Atlantic Pollock – Palmer Island, MA (order by April 12)

cape cod

On the dock this week is Atlantic Pollock from Palmer Island, MA. According to our Sea to Table connections, “Pollock is a highly sustainable species from New England. Atlantic Pollock is not to be confused with Pacific pollock, a different species. Atlantic Pollock is a close cousin of cod, and cooks up white with a large, moist flake and a light, delicate, sweet flavor.”

Atlantic Pollock – $14.99/lb.
Skin off fillet cuts are approx. 12-16 oz.

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Try this recipe!
Grilled Lemon Pollock from Recipe4Living


This Week’s Seafood Order: Scallops – New Bedford, MA (order by April 6)

seat to table

Back to our favorite fresh caught scallops from New Bedford, MA!

The scallops are dry-packed and completely natural – not soaked or treated.

Day Boat Scallops –
$26.90 per pound




Try this!
Maple-Seared Scallops

Orders will be taken through Thursday at 11am this week, and will be here for you to pick up on Friday after 11 am.

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Easter Orders – Smoked Hams, Sausage, Quiche, Rolls & Flowers!

Easter Orders!
Hot Cross Buns, Dinner Rolls, Quiche, Ham, Kielbasa and Flowers

No fooling, Easter is just two weeks away!
We are offering great options for your holiday table.

Our buns, rolls, and breads are made with organic flours and sugars, creamy butter and all natural ingredients.

Hot Cross Buns
$9.00/ 1/2 doz.

Placek- $4.75
A sweet Polish yeast bread with crumble topping.

Dinner Rolls
$9.50/ doz.

9 in. Quiche – $15.95
Our handmade quiche are made with a buttery crust, delicious local cheeses and ingredients.

Choose either: Kielbasa, Potato & Cheddar
or Spinach, Feta, & Caramelized Onion

Quiche are frozen, ready for you to freshly bake at home.

Easter Daisy Hams
The smoked hams from Red Gate Grocer are grown and processed in NYS, free of nitrates, antibiotics, and hormones.

Smoked Boneless Daisy Hams (approx. 3 lbs.) – $7.99/ lb.
Order by Sunday, April 9

We will also have T-Meadow Farm smoked bone-in hams and ham steaks available (first come – first serve) in our freezer, later next week.

Farmers & Artisans Fresh Polish Kielbasa
Approx. 1 lb. (4 frozen links) – $7.99/lb.
Made with local ground pork, no hormones or antibiotics, in house by John Kudla from Avenue Boys Sausage.


Don’t forget to order your Easter plants too –
lilies, tulips, daffodils and hydrangeas!
Click here for more info.

Please place your bakery orders by Wed. April 12.
Select pick up for Friday, April 14 or Saturday, April 15.

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Note:  We will be closed Easter Sunday.

Order your Easter Flowers – Lilies, Tulips, Hydranges and Daffodils (order by April 9)

Easter Flower Orders


We are pleased to offer beautiful Easter flowers from W.D. Henry & Sons located in Eden, NY. The business was originally established in 1888 by William D. Henry, and now is operated by the family’s fourth and fifth generations, Mark and Dan Henry. Below are the flower varieties and colors available. Perfect to brighten up your own home or a holiday gift!

Easter Lilies – $12.99
6″ pot (6-10 buds/pot)

Hydrangeas – $19.99
6.5″ pot – available in pink or blue

Tulips – $8.99
6″ pot (7 bulbs/pot) – available in white, red, pink, yellow, or purple

Daffodils – $8.99
6″ pot (6 bulbs/pot)

Order by Sunday, April 9
and pick-up on
Thursday, April 13 through Saturday, April 15

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**Please note we will be CLOSED on Easter Sunday, April 16**

This Week’s Seafood Order: Summer Flounder-Beaufort, NC (order by March 30)


This week’s fresh catch is Summer Flounder, also known as Fluke, from Beaufort, NC. Summer Flounder is highly prized with lean, white meat and light delicate flavor. Its firm texture allows great flexibility of preparation from broiling and frying, to stuffing and poaching.

Summer Flounder (skin-off filets) – $25.99 per pound
(1 lb. minimum) 

Try this recipe!
Baked Flounder with Parsnips and Carrots

Place your order by this Thursday for pick up this Friday, March 31 from 11 am to 7 pm.

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This Week’s Seafood Order: Pacific Cod – Kenai, AK (order by March 23)

pacific cod

This fish has been a past favorite. It is trap-caught off of Homer, AK. From Sea to Table, “Pacific cod from Alaska is rated as a “Best Choice” by Monterey Bay, & it is especially sustainable when trap-caught. Traps are great because they don’t cause habitat destruction or have a significant amount of bycatch.” Pacific cod have a lean, mild and moist flake.

Pacific Cod – $16.99 /lb. (approx. 12 oz. skin off fillets)
Order by the pound.

Try this:
Pan Roasted Cod with Roasted Winter Vegetables

Stop in, call or email your order to by Thursday 11am, and the freshly caught fish will be available to pick up this Friday from 11am to 7pm.