Bakery – We keep it simple… organic stoneground flours milled in NYS and Vermont, creamy butter, local fruits and top quality ingredients,  combine to make our artisan breads, pastries, cookies, flatbreads, pies, and holiday favorites.  Basic home recipes and the skillful hands of our trained bakery crew create our delicious bakery items.  Keep an eye out for our special orders.

Prepared Foods – Our skilled chefs create salads, soups and entrees with all of our local ingredients. Basic ingredients and basic recipes.  We offer take out lunches Monday through Friday from 11am to 2 pm.  Delicious sandwiches, salads and daily hot soups.  Our weekend breakfast sandwiches are a hit.

Dairy & Eggs– We offer an array of milk, half & half, heavy cream, yogurts, and cheeses.  Try our cream at the top, non homogenized milk, plain and flavored yogurts, and artisan cheeses.  Can’t forget chocolate milk and ice cream too.  Once you taste our pastured farm fresh eggs, you’ll be hooked.  Our milk and eggs shares are a great way to keep you stocked every week.

NYS Artisan Cheese – Cow, goat and sheep’s milk cheeses from small farm creameries across NYS fill our cheese cooler.  We carry about 20 different cheeses, from cheddar to blue, and many using raw milk.

Pantry Items – Local, wholesome and flavorful provisions for all your meals. Minimally processed and made in small batches.  We know the story of all of our producers.

Produce – All seasonal and sourced locally and regionally. WNY produces amazing produce.  Check out our produce Vegetable, Fruit and Flower shares offered June through November for weekly pickups of the freshest produce.

Meats – Local beef, pork, & chicken fill our coolers and freezers.  Pastured, no hormones or antibiotics and some organic.  Stop in and see what we have.

Seafood – Weekly, sustainable, wild caught seafood options from the North East Coast, Southern Coast, Florida Gulf Coast and Alaska.  Our seafood connection knows their fishermen like we know our farmers. Orders are taken Monday through Thursday, fish or seafood is caught on Thursday and overnight shipped to us on Friday mornings.  Can’t beat the freshness and flavor.

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